4.0 Five pillars of the framework

Well-Architected Framework, based on 5 areas.

Well-Architected Framework

The Well-Architected Framework methodology should support to build an effective cloud infrastructure. It’s a guide for designing infrastructure: Secure, High-performing, Resilient and Efficient.
The systematic approach focuses to evaluating and implementing architectures, that are established best practices developed through lessons learned by working with customers. For building from scratch a new cloud infrastructure or to check an existing one, there are some questions to ask in each of the five pillars.
For example for the Security pillar the IAM policy concept could be checked. How data in transit and at rest is secured? At Operational excellence it’s relevant to understand, how the automation works, are most possible operational efficiencies embedded in the infrastructure? The elegance of usability, like the usage of CloudFormation to create different environments. Reliability is based on full tolerance and high ability. Performance efficiency means, do we have the right sizing and do we have the best choice of service or a particular part of the application for this requirements. Cost optimization is relevant to control, if the whole architecture meets the target KPI’s as planed.

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