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Thanks for your interest in my area of self-reflection. It’s more than a firework of IoT, AI, native Cloud and beyond. “Customers love solutions“: The technology behind is only the carrier to create a solution for customers problems, but I love to have a look backstage.
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Hall of Fame

What else I prepared for you?

1 Mission
To connect the dots, I’d like to give you an idea of my motivation, personal roadmap, cross-industry approach and beyond.

2 Case 1 – n
Cases I get in touch with I improve in iterations.

3 Blog
Posts of topics on my table. But also on
Linkedin https://bit.ly/2Iug1LH

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[4 Prototyping]:

E.g. Using my Raspberry PI, AWS and some sensors.

[5 Native Cloud]:
From Cloud Service Provider to Industrial Cloud Provider, Micro Services instead of on-prem Monoliths…so on and so forth.

My Blog

Additonal to my cases, some posts about Emerging Technologies & beyond…


PurposePurpose of this post is, to achieve a knowledge enrichment for myself. It’s more than a repetition, I also add some findings to the content I learned from additional sources and I get some practice using draw.io for architecture visualization. And as well for free, some Use Cases for training using my AWS Account! TopicBelow […]

1.1 On Premise vs. Serverless

Coming from the On Premises approach (1st column), you own the server mostly in redundancy to ensure reliability. Infrastructure-as-a-Service/IaaS (2nd column) IaaS is the next stage and we already use a virtual machine, a server located in the data center. Platform-as-a-Service/PaaS (3rd column) is following. There is no more access to the machine, but we […]

1.3 EC2 Instances

Amazon EC2 instances can replace from the on-premises infrastructure servers like: Application Server, Web Server, Database Server, Game Server, Mail Server, Media Server, Catalog Server, File Server, Computing Server, Proxy Server to mention the most relevant. To get a short overview, the table above shows possible EC2 instances, you can choose in dependency of the […]

1.2 AWS Management Interfaces

There are three ways to manage your AWS solutions. I just give a short overview about them. Software Development Kit SDK The access to the service is possible via your code. SDK’s in JavaScript, Python, PHP, .NETm Ruby, Go, Nodes.js, C++, Java and IoT are supported. Comand Line Interface CLIUsing the CMI, gives access to AWS […]

Key Drivers on my Journey

On my Journey of transition, enrichment of knowledge is one approach I am following from different providers in the area of Emerging Technologies. These major provider, companies or communities are only a few from lot of more of influences in a disruptive fast changing VUCA world I am in.



Daniel Elizalde is my IoT Coach, I did his IoT Certified Program for IoT Product Managers. Today Daniel is working for Ericsson as VP IoT North America in Santa Clara, so I am linked to the center of disruption!



Native cloud is the new normal. On-Prem is past! AWS is more then self-learning to become a AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. It's part of my mindset as a Product Teamleader. E.g. I joined in 2018 the AWS Community Days, also a lot of online conferences I attended in 2019. AWS my choice of the leading CSP.



To run the Raspberry Pi and in relation to e.g. some cloud cases Python is my choice. Not to become the super hero hacker, more to get knowledge from the perspective of a Product Manager on his journey of tool from today.


Raspberry Pi

The Pi a beautiful micro computer to do so easy prototyping with sensors and to build the IoT Technology Stack in real! Great tool. Also I am not want to become the device nerd talking only with AWS Lex and the Pi to the cloud. But it's amazing what solutions are possible with the Pi. A lot to do....


CISCO NetAcad.com

NetAcad.com is the Online learning offer of Cisco. And they offer some great IoT modules, I enroled.



Udacity is more for Data Scientist, sure. But I like the Nano Degree AI programming with Python. It's a great journey in the world of math and some introductional coding and to learn about the toolbox of Data Science in general.

Hall of Fame

If everything is changing fast, it’s essential to have some super heros for guidance. There is no coach behind your desk all day, so you must create so positive mind-set to deal with a work environment. Unbreakable, incredible, amazing, disruptiv. Therefore I those these persons as my super-heros:

1) Michael Jordan – Courage
„I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying!“

2) Daniel Elizalde – Endurance
„It’s a marathon not a sprint“

3) Emeril Lagasse – Changeability
„It’s like Game of Throne cooking“

4) Marty Cagan – Holism,
“What you’re really seeing is Agile for delivery, but the rest of the organization and context is anything but Agile.”

5) Maciej Kranz – Focus
“Don’t be a hero! Start small, dream big!”

6) Tiger Woods – Progress,
„The good thing of tomorrow is, you are better than today!“

Any questions are lying on the floor?

If you are in one of my focus industries, merging technologies I am tackling or if you are in Product Management as well, drop me a line!

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