1.1 On Premise vs. Serverless

Short comparison: On premise vs. IaaS vs. PaaS vs. FaaS vs. SaaS

Coming from the On Premises approach (1st column), you own the server mostly in redundancy to ensure reliability. Infrastructure-as-a-Service/IaaS (2nd column) IaaS is the next stage and we already use a virtual machine, a server located in the data center. Platform-as-a-Service/PaaS (3rd column) is following. There is no more access to the machine, but we manage container in which the applications will run. Function-as-a-Service/FaaS (4th column) shows an opportunity to control only the code. E.g. AWS Lambda is based on FaaS part of the AWS platform. The code is equal to the code to use on local machines. AWS deploys the code on containers (zip archive). Current limit of concurrent containers is 1000, but the support if offering a scaling to 10,000 or beyond if required. So the benefits are easy deployment and connection to triggers like API, S3, SNS, DynamoDB, good scaling and minimum of call costs. Last but not least, there is Software-as-a-Service/SaaS (5th column). SaaS is Software available via 3rd party over the internet. All underlying infrastructure, middleware, app data are managed by the Public Cloud Provider/PCP, like AMAZON/AWS, Microsoft/AZURE or Google/Google Cloud. Microsoft Office 365 tools or google Apps are good examples to mention a few SaaS offers.

Example of each category from AWS: IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, SaaS

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