3.0.3 Protect against DDoS attacks!

Protect from Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS)

AWS Shield, AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Shield ensures to protect from Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS). DDoS mitigation challenges typically are: Deal with complexity, limited bandwidth, involves re-architecting (often on premises), manual, degraded performance, time-consuming, expensive. AWS Shield is a managed DDoS protection service. It’s always-on detection and mitigations, offers seamless integration and deployment, in a cost-efficient way with customizable protection. Typical DDoS attacks to detect and mitigate by AWS Shield are: Common Network-layer attacks and tools to help with Application-Layer attacks, low-level protocol, Connection flooding. AWS Shield is able to recognize these pattern and mitigate inline attacks or AWS Shield Advanced supports visibility and attack notifications to mention a few benefits.

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