2.6.2 Route 53+Direct Connect+AutoScaling

Putting all together.

EFS Elastic File System, Route53

In the example above Route53 is resolving the domain names, the Amazon EFS Elastic File System is able to store files via Internet Gateway or via the virtual private gateway to connect via AWS Direct Connect the On premises Data Center to the cloud native datastore EFS.

In this topic there is AMAZON Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) relevnat to explain. EFS is a scalable, elastic, cloud-native file system for Linux shared across your environments. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides a fully managed elastic NFS file system for use with AWS Cloud services or on-premises resources. Scaling on demand is possible to petabytes. It offers two stage classes: Standard Storage Class and Infrequent Access Storage Class (EFS IA). The advantage of EFS IA is
cost-optimization for files not accessed every day. That means the service is price- but also performance-optimized. Typical use cases are home directories or business-critical applications. EFS is an opportunity to lift-and-shift existing enterprise applications to the AWS Cloud. Management of the EFS is possible by Management Console, SDK or command line interface (CLI).

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