2.4 Deployment of Database Services

The topics before focused on how to build individual servers in the cloud, set up data volumes, network environments. Next is deploying database services, this is a whole architecture tier of an application! E.g. you can deploy a master and a standby DB in two regions in a „off the shelf way.“ In EC2 instance it’s possible to spin up my own database (DIY DB). All open source or commercial databases are possible to deploy. Anything that runs on Linux or Windows server on premise is possible to install on EC2. It’s the same environment build in the cloud. But there are options in the cloud, like a managed database service. Managed DB services delegate the provisioning of server capacity and installation, maintenance of a component to the AWS automations.

Deployment of DB:
Relational Database Services (RDS)

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) is a database service, easy to set up, operate and scale data base engines in the cloud. The automated scaling includes the security groups, the network isolations and everything running in this defined environment. E.g. the requirement is to provision a MYSQL database and to make it resilient, it’s build over two Availability Zones (Multi-AZ deployments). A web form at the RDS console is the starting point to provision a DB. Manual snapshots are used for recovering the former database status, like one hours or some years ago.

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a cloud native database service, not a relocated database engine to the cloud. That means it’s build to use in the cloud. Amazon Aurora has two sequel environments, one is MYSQL and one PostgreSQL compatiblec. The environments are much faster and are designed for usage of enterprise throughput.

Document-store or key-value databases (NoSQL) should receive a stack of key-value pairs in form of a document to the table. Using Relational SQL databases means flatten to a string of key-value pairs added as a row to the table. This helps to increase the speed of operating with these kind of DB’s.

Amazon Dynamo DB

AWS DynomoDB

Amazon Dynamo DB is a horizontal scaling and fully managed service. It can face directly Lambda or other serverless components in a serverless architecture. It’s a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for any scale. That means no configuration of difrent servers to achieve the scaling on demand. DynomoDB is serverless itself. Like S3 it could be configured directly to web, that means a use case for Dynomo DB is as a mobile backend. It can directly used to the Public Internet for „gets“ and „puts“.

Other DB services

Amazon Redshift is a fast Perabyte scalable data warehouse for very large sequel queries. Amazon DocumentDB is a MongoDBcompatible database or Amazon Neptune, a Graph database. AWS Database Migration Service supports to migrate on premise MS SQL Server Database to Amazon RDS or Oracle DB’s to Amazon Aurora.

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