2.3.2 Elastic Load Balancer

Elastic Load Balancer: Application/ Network

Automatic distribute traffic across multiple targets.

Application Load Balancer

The example shows how to use Load Balancer for Network and Application use cases. The service provides log files to CloudWatch for measurement and monitoring purposes. The service stops sending traffic to a non responding instance, so it’s also a good tool for health checks of resources. The Application Load Balancer looks for inbound requests and if the URL ends with e.g. „images“ the image data is routed to application 1. It’s possible to implement web application firewall rules, SSL termination to mention the main functionality.

Network Load Balancer

The Network Load Balancer is for everything else. It’s used for packet routing to target groups beneath the Load Balancer. It spikes to very high throughput and is great for inbound traffic scenarios with huge amount of data like for IoT.

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