2.1 Architecture example

Improve the initial project.

Challenges to messure and manage.

„You can’t fix what you don’t monitor!“

In this very simple architecture example we use an EC2 instance, placed in the center. We mount EBS volume as a network block store for database files. The instance store (ephemeral) is used only to support high performance cache and is local block store, e.g. when the EC2 instance stops. A S3 bucket is used for storage of e.g. log files or content, some how a „file share light“, but it’s only a object-based storage, not a real file share! The challenges on the right show topics to manage. „You can’t fix what you don’t monitor!“ E.g. CloudWatch is one service to monitor resources, to collect and track standard metrics and custom metrics and to create an alarm by sending automatically notifications. This service and lots more, I recap in the following posts linked to the main post.

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