It was an amazing event at the DHL Innovation Center, my DHL colleagues did a great job. Second I want to thank all our partners for incredible talks also about use cases with cross industry approach beyond IoT, AI and the IoT Technology Stack. A lot of opportunities to share some insights with my PM IoT & Cloud peer group and also a great starting point for some deep dives are coming up in the next weeks with the partners. I also reconnected myself to CISCO and I talked to the team of IoT Kinnetic Platform and also about some IAM Use Cases for Smart Factory and Logistics Fulfillment Centers including some testing of prototypes (Photo with the helmet to identify a sercure worker). WilIoT sensors will reach soon industrial level to scale. That means Fashion and Logistic industry are soon able to use location sensors with power supply from the net around the sensors! Roambee explained to me e.g. the multisensory devices currently cannot be smaller to fulfill the industrial requirements & standardisations to reach equal quality of the data in remote areas across the globe and connectivity of different available telco networks. AWS in logistics focus on forecast data management to speed up automatization in eFulfillment. Within 10 years AMAZON promised the full automated warehouse without human workers. A lot of insights I got from different discusions with experts at the event. This is only a teaser to give you an impression about the variety of topics.

My three highlights were:

  1. Connectivity:
    0G = Sigfox, Ludovic Le Moan – CEO. 60 countries covered, 1bn people, 5m Square km covered, 90% of global GDP, for Logistics Industries a great value in connectivity!
  2. Networking with Experts:
    Get in touch with/talk to guys from Santa Clara, e.g. Roambee, Sanjay Sharma – CEO, Uptake, Ganesh Bell – President/Special Adviser and local guys from Europe: Cisco Torsten Retkowietz and Wasim Aboalola, from AWS Juan Carlos Martiney Gil from Spain, Kinexon, Philip Bradonjic, WilIoT, Michael Zehnpfennig to name a few. Sorry I cannot mention all I talked to.
  3. Digital Twin in Logistics:
    Although essential in Logistics, like in other industries for Predictive Analytics and Process Automatisation, e.g. in eFulfillment & more:

    BR, Andreas
Line up of amazing Partners on DHL IoT Day 2019 & Exibition
Sigfox, Ludovic Le Moan, CEO
„The roadmap of Sigfox in 2019“
Sigfox, Ludovic Le Moan, CEO
„0G vs. 2/3/4/5G „
Uptake, Ganesh Bell President/Special Advisor
„Software vs. AI. Think about it!“
WilIoT a Sensor using power supply from connectivity

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